Zikko Lightning Cable - IPHONE 5 CABLE S100

Zikko Lightning Cable - IPHONE 5 CABLE S100

Unrivaled durability, Easy-PLUG

* width:3.5mm, length: 1m/3.28FT
* Original Apple Lightning connector, supports USB Charge/Sync.
* Anti signal interference, loss-less transmission.
* Ergonomic Lightning conne-ctor, easy plug.

More stable & durable

width 3.5mm, 1mm wider than original cable.

Apple authorized MFi original cable, using at ease

Original Apple Lightning connector,support USB data transmission and charging
Apple authorized Lightning connector, adopt MFi authorized IC chip and
metal protection, faster and more stable in charging and data transmission


Ergonomic Lightning connector, easy plug.

SC500-i100/S100/S200 Lightning connector part design in obliquity
according to people's hands plug habit, easy plug

Lossless charging & transimission

(The loss rate below 0.5%)
Support fast charging and data transmission, synchronization whenever and wherever

High current support, no heat

Support 2.4A lossless charging and data transmission  
special Support iPad Air.

Comfortable feel

Adopting Elastic rubber, soft and no damage to cellphone

Design of multilayer protection

Multi-layer core, wear-resistant, durable
Multi-layer core,effectively block the external electromagnetic interference effects on the quality of signal  transmission, also block inside cable's electromagnetic radiation leakage when it's transfer high frequency signal,ensure the signal transmission quality and enlarge the service life


Fashion life advocates

Apple fans, work, life & travle essentials

High performance

SC500-i100/S100/S200 support fast charger & data synchronization


Suitable for

SC500-i100/S100/S200 support Apple iPhone 5s /iPhone 5c /iPhone 5 /iPad Air
/iPad (4th generation) /iPad mini with Retina display /iPad mini
/iPod touch (5th generation) /iPod nano (7th generation)


Model: S100
Product Type: Multifunctional Cable
Dimensions: 3.5mm*100cm/3.5mm*100cm/3.5mm*200cm
Connector type: USB, Lightning(8-PIN)
Product Weight: 28.8g